About Us

Who We Are

Two guys with a day job at the same company realised that they have common interests, however they have skills and talents in different areas. One of them has a great deal of experience in multiple programming languages, iOS development and Database Management, the other has been contributing to various website projects and is an experienced multimedia developer. The next step was to merge their knowledge and skills of their area of expertise so they founded CMEXC as their goal was to achieve and create high quality and custom made services and products.

After the foundation of the Customized Excellence Studio LLC. the company started working on its first mobile application, meanwhile creating websites per request. We rarely feel stress as this is what we love to do, therefore stress is only pushing us forward to a better version of us, to a better product from us.

Our vision is to create and maintain high quality custom built products and or services. We believe the client or user is not the enemy and we thrive to achieve a higher level of customisation as if we were developing it with the clients hand-in-hand.

What we Offer

HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / Flash

Slim or Complex, animated or not, website and web application development

Application development

Native Desktop (.NET, Mac OS X) and native Mobile (Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS) applications, Backend Systems and Client applications.

Customer Support

We commit to a long lasting relationship. We believe it is important to care for our customers especially after they conducted business with us.